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Ballikinrain School (Residential, Education, Day Services, Family Support)



Visitors to Ballikinrain School comment on its unique atmosphere where they sense its caring combination of education, guidance, tolerance and understanding, making it a positive choice for young people.

Care is offered by devoted, experienced and qualified staff in a number of group-living situations, each offering safety and comfort.  Each group-living area includes its own kitchen and dining facilities and a variety of lounges and play areas.  One of our key values is 'giving children back their childhood' and within the school's supportive framework of well-understood routines there is adequate chance for play, exploration, making mistakes and having lots of fun!

For those unable to stay at home for whatever reason, the residential experience offers the structure and security where difficult issues may be tackled, using the skills and positive relationships residents enjoy with all staff.

Currently residential care is provided within 3 Learning Communities comprising of 5 departments offering accommodation for between 3 and 7 children.


Ballikinrain provides a curriculum that is similar in range to that of a mainstream school.  The balance of time allocated to each subject area follows the guidelines outlined in the Builiding the Curriculum 3.

The introduction of A Curriculum for Excellence provides the opportunity to recognise that every opportunity is a learning opportunity and fully embraces the 24 hour curriculum.

The delivery of the curriculum reflects that everyone has different learning styles and the pace of learning varies.  Many of the children and young people who attend Ballikinrain have experienced difficulties at school in the past. 

The curriculum will be flexible in its delivery to ensure that it builds on the strengths of individuals which in turn supports areas for development.  An integral aspect of this will be to provide Experiential Learning Opportunities where learning can be used in everyday scenarios and ensuring that individual needs are met and that children and young people are;

- Successful Learners
- Confident Individuals
- Responsible Citizens
- Effective Contributors

Day Services

The aims of the day services are to enable each student to achieve his optimum potential in educational and social development and to assist each student to re-integrate into mainstream or local educational resources which could include;

- The return to mainstream education
- Attendance at specialist local schools
- Attendance at colleges
- To gain work experience
- Utilise Careers Advice and training opportunities
- Improve relationships at home and within the community

Family Support

Ballikinrain Family Support Service was established in 2001 as one of our 'Include me In' Services, in recognition of the desirability of providing holistic support to children and their families.  In common with our other services we use a person-centred approach in our work.

Our team comprises qualified workers who offer an outreach service to families aimed at;

- Improving family relationships
- Addressing parenting issues
- Reducing the emotional and behavioural difficulties experienced by the family
- Reducing the length of stay in Ballikinrain for residential pupils

We also offer preventative work with families in their own communities to try to reduce the risk of children being accommodated.